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The sun has got his hat on…

... hip hip hip hurray! The sun has got his hat on, and it's time to go out and play!

Thanks the god of carrots, the sun has decided to make a re-appearence. We were beginning to think it had gone for good! Colonel says we need to make the most of it as he reckons the rain will be back again tomorrow. I don’t know how he knows these things – some sort of sixth sense or special Shetland power that I don’t appear to possess.

Of course, the return of the sun means I literally have got my hat on. I’ve got dodgy tears ducts you see. My eyes get a bit watery, which means the flies descend on me, which makes my eyes water even more. Luckily for me, Kate is always on top of matter (bless her), and my fly mask comes straight out and straight on whenever the sun peeps of from behind the clouds.

They don’t seem to bother Soloman or Colonel so much, the flies that is. Mind you, poor old Colonel does have the dreaded sweet itch to put up with so I’ll let him off. Soloman on the other hoof, since he has no fly or midge worries I like to take it upon myself to be his own personal botherer. So, I’m off to go bother him!


Duggie xxx

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  1. RebeccatheRider says:

    Awww poor duggie

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