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The one good thing about rain…

... is it's grass growing potential! It's so important! Rain = Good Grass. Good Grass = An extremely happy Duggie.

Now I’m not one to moan, but it has been raining rather a lot recently hasn’t it? But I have to say, I’ve made my peace with the weather. Yeah it makes my mane frizzy. Yeah it makes my gateway all muddy. But do you know what? I am well happy with all the new grass that’s coming through!

Kate says Soloman and I are looking a bit fat. Which I think is a bit rude. But she could be right – we’ve been eating A LOT!

I’ve not seen Colonel in a while, he’s still hanging out with that mare. So I have no idea what the grass is like in their field but I hope it’s not as lush as ours!

The other thing I’ve discovered that is pretty cool about rain is that if I roll in a nice muddy patch – especially if Kate has forgotten to put my rug on – Penny tends not to bother riding me! On Tuesday, she had a go at attacking me with a brush then gave up, gave me a carrot and a cuddle and turned me back out. Then yesterday, she turned up, took one look at me, gave me a quick scratch behind the ear then left again!

I don’t know… what a fair weather rider!!!

See ya, Duggie xx

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