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The Annual is here, hoorah!

Have you heard the news? No? Well....PONY: The Annual 2015 is finally here! Check out Duggie's video all about it!

Hi guys!

Sorry I didn’t give you an update last month, I was too busy winning at Burghley Horse Trials!

What do you mean you don’t believe me? Fine then… I was just watching it on the telly through the window of Kate’s house, dreaming of galloping round the cross country course and beating all the other horses!

Actually, on second thoughts, sounds like a bit too much work, and I’d much rather be scoffing all the grass in the field before Soloman gets to it!

Anyway, have you heard the news? Apparently the new PONY: The Annual 2015 is in – result! As usual, I take a starring role – well, you couldn’t have a PONY Annual without the most famous pony around could you? For some reason there are 100 pages all-new pages of stuff, like top pony tips, puzzles and quizzes, PONY readers’ real life dramas and loads more… When really it should just be 100 pages of ME!

Oh well, make sure you get your copy before it’s too late over at the PONY mag shop – I’ve already been dropping hints for Soloman and Colonel to get me one for Christmas (as well as loads of yummy carrots, of course).

Laura and some others from PONY HQ came over to see me today, as of course they needed me to make an appearance in the Annual video! Check it out here:

Laters, Duggie x


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