Sun, sun, sun!

Summer is here, and I’m beginning to get a bit fed up of it already! Trust me I have my reasons, sometimes there's only so much a pony can take guys!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the warm evenings and the mud-free fields, but I am fed up with all the horse flies – they’re everywhere this year! I’m being eaten alive!! Luckily I’ve got a nice shady patch in my field to take cover from the pesky little beasts, but I still enjoy a good hosing down to stay cool and keep me from getting sweaty and attracting even more horse flies!

Not to mention the fact that all this sun means there’s no mud in the field for me to roll in – how am I meant to give Kate something to do if she doesn’t have a big, brown Duggie to groom? I’m fed up of being clean!

Another grumble I have with this weather is the hard ground. How can I race Soloman around the field when it’s baked like concrete? Make sure you check out August’s PONY mag, as it has some great tips for hoof care when the ground is hard like this. In fact, I think I’ll make sure Kate gets a copy.

Chat soon, Duggie x




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