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Sun and adventures!

The sun has certainly been out recently! We’ve even had our rugs off a few times – Solly and I have been loving it! If it wasn't for my beautiful coat then I'd be tanned up to the nines, but oh well...I'm still gorgeous!

I love not having a rug on, as it means I can have a really good roll and get rid of all my itches and tickles.

Some friends of Kate’s came to ride Soloman and I recently, and we went out hacking. It was all going smoothly until Solly thought he could overtake me… Well I wasn’t going to let that happen, so a few swift bucks and I deposited my rider nicely on the floor, and off I went, ha ha!

None of the humans seemed very impressed with my athletic display, which was most odd… Oh well, at least I had a good time!

Catch ya next month,

The Duggster x



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