Summer time fun

Duggie’s been enjoying the sunshine


Hey pals,

I’ve been loving this heat, all the sun has made my coat extra white and sparkly! Plus, Kate’s been giving us loads of baths to help us keep cool. So, I’m looking even more beautiful than usual!

With all the heat there has been loads of pesky flies. Kate has been coating us in some stinky stuff called fly spray which has helped a bit and we’ve had our special masks on to help keep them away, too. It’s been so hot recently that we’ve spent loads of time snoozing in the field. I did hear Kate mention something about taking Soloman and me out showing, which sounds like far too much hard work! I know I’m the most gorgeous pony in the world, I don’t need a red rosette to tell me!

Catch ya later,

Duggie XOXO

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