Summer snoozing!

All this sun is making me sleepy! Which means less energy for rolling about during the day, but at least the grass is growing again... that yellow grass wasn't very nice.

Phew, I’m much happier now it’s a bit cooler at night so I can catch up on my beauty sleep! Last month it was far too hot for me, and it was making me grumpy, which poor Soloman wasn’t happy about!

PLUS now it’s finally rained a little bit, the grass is growing again, which is probably the best thing that has happened all summer!!

Kate says I’m starting to look a bit fat though… How rude! She’s not letting me eat too much at the moment – apparently she doesn’t want me to get something called laminitis? She says that ponies have to be very careful when the grass starts to grow and the sun comes out, because the grass becomes full of sugar, which can make ponies’ hooves very sore. So although I think this grass is YUM, I’m glad Kate is making sure that I don’t have ouchie feet, because otherwise how would I chase Soloman around the field?

Right, I’m off for a well-deserved nap in the sun, see ya!

Duggie x




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