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Summer hols – Hoorah, I think!

It's that time of the year again, the weather is fine and the holidays are upon us. What are we going to do now that school's finally out?

But hang on! Why should I care? I’m always on hols!!

The nice thing about this time of the year is that Kate’s niece’s visit and give me a stroll around the village. I get a right old pampering, a nice groom and cuddle, treats and a good trot amongst the dappled shade of the woods.

The only trouble is, I miss it so much when they go! Then I’m back to my mischieveous self, never being caught, banging the door for food and chasing solli around the paddock – only kidding!

It makes me realise how much I love being ridden and petted by you lot – make sure you spend as much time with your special ponies, donkeys or horses and give us the attention we deserve.


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