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Spring is nearly here!

And thank goodness for that. Solly and I are totally fed up of the wet and windy winter we've had – bring on the sunshine!

It’s official. There is absolutely NOTHING better than having your rug off for the first time in spring after a long, cold winter. It’s been super-sunny the past few days, so Kate decided to take mine and Solly’s rugs off for a couple of hours so we could have a good roll. It was heaven! We rolled, and rolled, and rolled, and even managed to roll some more. Solly and I always argue about who should get the muddiest rolling spot – but it should obviously be me, as the most important PONY pony of all!

Kate didn’t look too impressed when she saw how dirty we both were afterwards, but she gave us a good groom to help get rid of all the hair we’re moulting. It can be an itchy time for us ponies as we lose our winter coat and start growing our summer one, so make sure you give your fave pony a thorough grooming (and a good scratch!) when you next see them.

Catch ya next time,


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