So that was Easter

It seemed to go in a flash! Like literally where has all that chocolate eating time gone? Madness.

Hi All! How was your Easter? Are you suitably stuffed with chocolate eggs? I don’t really get what you humans like so much about chocolate… I think it’s pretty gross! Give me a carrot any day!

Kate and the small humans were around a lot, which was actually very pleasant. We don’t get so pampered during the winter months so to be bathed and groomed and cuddled over the Easter hols was actually very nice. But can you believe I’ve not seen a thing of those PONY girls?

Penny hasn’t ridden me once and they’ve not been here to take any pictures of me at all. I mean, I just can’t believe it! Surely it’s the perfect opportunity for them to get out of the office and into the fresh air? Spend some time with me? Get some gorgeous pictures of the wonderful me?

Colonel reckons they’ve gone off me and found themselves another younger and better looking PONY pony…? Ha, ha! Don’t make me laugh! I’ll always be the PONY pony… I hope, anyway.

So less of me, how about you guys. What did you all get up to? Did you know you can email me at I’d love to hear your goss!


Catch you later

Duggie xxx

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