Merry Christmas!

What mischief are Duggie and Soloman getting up to in the run-up to Christmas?

Duggie Christmas carrots

Hi all, Duggie here!

I’ll have to be quick because Soloman and I are on a very important, top secret mission! It all started last Christmas when we were so busy trying to sneak a glimpse of the Olympia Christmas Finale through Kate’s window, that we took our eyes off the feed room every night for nearly a week – big mistake. Christmas morning arrived and Kate brought us breakfast, but there was something not quite right. It took me only a split second to realise that we only got one carrot each! I’d heard Kate talking in the feed room on Christmas eve about taking some carrots in to leave out for Rudolph, so this must have been where they’d gone. We decided we couldn’t risk him getting our share this year, carrots are the best bit!

So, we planned ahead and we’ve been taking it in turns to keep watch over the carrot stash so the other can watch Olympia. And we’ve been working on our best ’nothing going on here’ faces – I perfected mine much quicker than Soloman did, obviously, he needed a bit of help from the pro (that’s me if you were wondering). All was going well until we got a bit over-excited for Valegro and forgot all about keeping watch, but Kate was glued to the screen, too, so the carrots were safe. I’m pleased to report that so far our stash is still there, however, I warn all ponies out there to stay vigilant – there’s still a week to go!

On behalf of all at Team PONY, I’d like to wish you all a very merry carrot-filled Christmas! Don’t forget to give your pony some love on Christmas day, too.

P.S. Or carrots, we love carrots!

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  1. RebeccatheRider says:

    merry christmas duggie:)

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