January blues…

Well, it’s been a dull and dismal New Year so far, but we are in high spirits as Kate said that this year we will be able to be featured in loads more PONY Mag vids, yippee! Make sure you look out for us !

new year

We’ve heard that PONY Mag is looking to make some super cool new videos, and Soloman and I are obviously going to be the No.1 star characters.. Duh! We’ve been in a few videos recently – my fave was when Solly got to go hunting for the PONY Annual last year. He told me it was super fun, and we even got to keep a copy for some stable-time reading! Click here to watch it!

Our fields are quite muddy at the moment, with all this horrid rain we’ve been having it’s no surprise! One evening Kate came out and put some extra rugs on us as it was pretty chilly. We thought maybe, just maybe it might be because it was going to snow.. we waited aaaaaall night and eventually, just as it started to get light outside a few tiny snowflakes started to fall and everything turned white, it was so cool!

Anyway, I best go and start making myself look handsome for my next video, don’t want you lot seeing me all muddy and stuff!

Dugs x


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  1. horse girl says:

    I like you clean or scruffy Duggie

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