Ick! Spiders!!!

OMG! The place is literally crawling with them! Like I'm not even joking....there's thousands! Really. I'm serious.

Hey peeps!

Spiders aren’t really my bag. I don’t exactly mind them but I’d rather not have them on me, d’know what I mean? I don’t hate them or anything and I’d never hurt one but I’d just rather keep at a hoof’s distance from them. Sadly, the last week or so that’s been a bit tricky. I don’t know about where you live but where we are, the spiders seem to have all of a sudden mutated into absolute giants!

Now although this is freaking me out a little, it’s also led to an enormous amount of giggles for me. Can you guess why? Yep, you got it… Soloman is PETRIFIED of them!

He can’t sleep, he can’t eat, he keeps galloping around the field ‘cos he thinks “they’re on him”!!!

Honestly, I have not laughed so much in ages! I also keep hearing the humans scream “Urrgghhhh, spider!!” over in the house, then hear people scuttle around trying to get away from it. Honestly, I don’t know what everyone’s problem is!

I went and had a chat with Colonel (he’s still hanging out with that mare, Mo) about the insane number and sheer size of spiders at the moment. He says they are always big at this time of year but that the dry weather has helped them grow ultra big.

But apparently they won’t be around for long. So while I’m not the biggest spider-fan, I’m THE biggest fan of winding up Soloman. So that’s what I’m off to do!!!

See ya, Duggie xxx

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