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Glitter, makeovers and chilly weather!

I've been VERY busy this month, and recently the PONY team came up and gave me and Solomon a makeover – be prepared for very glittery ponies! I'm not sure whether it's my new look or a one off, but lets see what you think.

new year

So it’s nearly November, and it’s getting pretty chilly at night now! Solomon and I huddle up in the field shelter at night to keep cosy. Have you got all your rugs ready for your ponies yet? Make sure they are all clean and neatly folded just in case the weather gets really cold.
The PONY team came up last week to give me a Solly a makeover, we totally thought it would just be a nice groom and a hair cut but we were wrong! They brought a big bag full of glittery products, and now we look like Christmas decorations! Look out for the feature coming up in January issue where you can see what they did to us!

Hopefully I haven’t left too much glitter on the keyboard whilst writing this, or Kate will be cross!

Peace out, stay warm.

Duggie X



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