Fluff alert!

Duggie's feeling ready for winter with the arrival of his fluffy coat!

fluffy duggie

Hi everyone, it’s me, Duggie!


I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling pretty wintery right now! My sleek summer coat is long gone and I’m looking pretty fluffy. Everyone who visits my field keeps commenting on how cute I look now my winter coat has come through, even though I try to tell them I’m not cute – cute is for those little Shetlands – I’m super-handsome! Worst of all, Soloman keeps joking around calling me cute because he knows it winds me up. That is until I remind him he’s just as fluffy as me, I mean, you could mistake him for a big, bay teddy bear!


There are some great things about this time of year, though. Kate has upped our hay supply which Solly and I are loving – even if we do disagree about who should get the last scraps from the pile (it’s obvs me!). Not only do we just love to munch through a big pile of tasty hay, but it helps to help us warm, too, which is great now the chilly weather is rolling in. But my absolute fave thing about autumn (and possibly life in general) is… mud!! It’s back! Now I can have a decent roll and really cake my coat. There’s nothing better than a good mud bath. We’ll see how cute I look after that!


See ya next time!



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