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It’s time for Duggie to get fit


Hey PONY readers,

So apparently, Kate’s New Year’s resolution was to get Solomon and I fitter. My own resolution was to find a way to get more treats and fusses, which seems much more achievable than getting fit!

We were hoping this new fitness regime wouldn’t last very long, but she’s still going and we’re getting loads of exercise! Although I’ve not appreciated getting all sweaty and gross, it has been nice to get out of the field and see the countryside. Plus, there’s been loads of fun things to spook at and friends to make, too. We recently met a very nice lady who had a few mints, which we gladly ate. Hopefully within a few weeks this’ll all have been forgotten and I can get back to snoozing in the field.

I’m keeping all my hooves crossed,

Duggie XOXO

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