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Duggie’s pancake panic

Duggie and Soloman have been worried about Kate's odd behaviour

Hi guys,

With all this cold and snowy weather Solomon and I have been having a blast! We’ve been galloping round the field, kicking snow everywhere, and having a good roll. Best of all the sparkling snow sticking to my coat makes me look even more handsome than usual, which I thought was impossible!

Despite all our fun, we’ve been a bit worried about Kate recently because she keeps muttering to herself about something called Pancake Day. We’ve been keeping a close eye on her through the windows and she’s even started to throw food in the air! Doesn’t she know food is meant to be eaten?! You’ll never find Solly and I wasting food like that. Maybe it’s her new idea of a diet for us – she’d better not start throwing our food out!

Catch up soon,

Duggie XOXO

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