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Duggie’s on the hunt

Duggie and Soloman have been getting into the Easter spirit


Hey gang,

I’ve been having a very exciting time lately because Kate set up a carrot hunt for Solomon and me. She hid them in our haynets, by the water trough and other sneaky places around the field. Solly and I couldn’t believe our luck! She said that the reason she’s been extra-kind with the carrots is something to do with Easter. We watched some other humans searching through their gardens and collecting some shiny eggs and Kate thought it might be fun for us to have a go, too – and as you know I’d never turn down extra food!

It’s also been raining a lot, so Solly and I have been rolling in loads of puddles to see who can get the muddiest. It’s loads of fun, plus, getting the mud off is a great excuse for a little more pampering from Kate. She spent hours brushing us off the other day – bliss!

Until next time,

Duggie XOXO

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