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Duggie’s Badminton dreams

Duggie and Soloman have been feeling inspired


Hey PONY readers,

Solomon and I are feeling totally  inspired, because we’ve been watching Badminton Horse Trials through the windows of Kate’s house. So we’ve been practising our cross-country by jumping some branches that have been blown down in the wind – I’ve reckon I’ve got the skills to compete there next year.

Now, I’ve got the jumping skills and dressage moves sorted, I just need to find a rider that can showcase my amazing talents. That’s clearly where I’ve been let down in the past – I need a plan to get Kate to ask a top rider like Pippa Funnel to be my new jockey. What do you think?

Solly couldn’t stop laughing when I told him my plan, he says you’ve got to be really talented to complete a course like Badminton. I think he’s just jealous that he’s not as skilled as me.

See ya soon,

Duggie XOXO

Your Comments

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    You can do it Dugster xx

  • Pony Girl

    follow your dreams duggie

  • @focusmooIRC

    badminton is ready for you Dugs

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