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Duggie gets his roll on

Don't even talk to me about this weather! What has happened to spring, summer, autumn, winter? The weather seems so topsy-turvy these days.

I mean, last week it was snowing and about -10 degrees at night! Not that we are bothered – me, Soloman and Colonel, that is. We are hardy Connemara and Shetland ponies! We grow winter coats that would keep us warm in Siberia! And of course Kate kindly supplies us with posh rugs, a palatial field shelter and loads of lush hay – nom, nom!

My problem, and believe me this is just one of many, is that now all of a sudden it’s warm. Too warm for this time of year if you ask me. Thankfully, Kate came and took mine and Soloman’s rugs off yesterday and we both had a good old rock-and-roll sesh to scratch all those bits you can’t get to when you’ve got a rug on. Phewey! That was one good roll.

However, spare a thought for poor old Colonel in this whole what’s-happening-to-the-weather debacle. Now this Shetland pony grows such a mega winter coat that he looks like something that really does live in Siberia! And the poor old man can’t take it off! He get’s by though, he just stays out of the direct sun. Very wise and experienced is our Colonel.

Anyways, now I’ve got that off my chest I might go and wait by the gate for Kate (ha ha, that rhymes!)… it must be nearly tea time.


See ya!

Duggie xxx

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