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Bath time for Duggie

Duggie and Soloman have been up to no good as usual...

I have the worst news ever! Soloman and I were subjected to the worst form of pony torture – we were given a bath! I know, it’s unbelievable that Kate would put us through that.

We’d had a great day, happily minding our own business, watching the racing action from Royal Ascot through the window of Kate’s house. As prime sportshorses, Solly and I obviously decided to have our own race, to settle (once and for all) who’s the best. Three laps of the paddock – I knew I’d win easily.

But disaster struck on the second lap, and Solly actually started to overtake me! I made up ground, but he still claims he won. Of course, I really just let him win to let him feel better – it must be hard not being as good looking as me. We’d got super-sweaty  from it, so had a good roll to get rid of all our itches. We found the muddiest part for optimum rolling, obviously.

Anyway, Kate came out and said she was shocked at the state we were in, and brought us into the yard for a bath. She said she’d just read a feature in PONY about giving your pony a spa day, and how she thought it would be nice for us. I set about being as difficult as possible – my favourite trick is to stand on the hose to stop any water coming out – ha!

Unfortunately she foiled my plan and carried on. I hate to admit it, but by the end, I actually started to enjoy it. My coat was super-soft and shiny – you needed sunglasses to look directly at me! Have you given your fave pony a spa day recently?

See ya next time!



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  1. Alice loves2 ride 77 says:

    Aw sorry you had to go through that! Look on the bright side, everyone will be ooing over how gorgeous your shiny coat is!

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