Autumn is coming

Duggie’s favourite time of year


Hey PONY readers,

I’m super-excited that autumn is now here, which means there’s lots to be excited about for Solomon and me. For a start it’s apple season! Kate has loads of apple trees in her garden and she’s been sharing the fruit with us – it’s been treats galore! It’s also the time of year for blackberries which are the perfect midhack snack, although they do stain my beautiful white coat a bit purple. Solly says it makes me look like I’m wearing lipstick – as if I need make-up to make me look beautiful.

We also managed to sneak a quick look at all the action at Burghley Horse Trials through Kate’s windows and I have to say it looks like a lot of work. I might have to rethink my dreams of becoming a famous event pony. Maybe I could try competitive eating instead?


Duggie XOXO

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