Hot to trot

Duggie’s been feeling the heat


Hey guys,

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the nice weather! Solly and I have been trying to find new ways to cool down. I’ve been getting really dirty so that Kate will keep giving me baths – sooo refreshing! I’ve heard her telling her friend that there were some tips in the latest PONY mag – my favourite one was letting us sunbathe to dry off, because Kate let’s me snack on the lush grass as a treat at the same time – result!

Kate said she might make us an ice, too. She made us one last year too and it was epic! It was so refreshing with apples and carrots and some mint! I’m just hoping she makes us one each this year. Last time I had to share with Solly and he barely left me any!

Until next time,

Duggie XOXO

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