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Spring’s in the air

Duggie's been enjoying the warmer weather


Hey everyone,

Spring is definitely in the air (finally!), the birds are waking me up even earlier than usual, disturbing my beauty sleep – not that I need it if I’m being honest. I can’t grumble at them too much as they’ve also been tidying up all our moulting hair to help build their nests. Or so Solly tells me, anyway. It does make sense, I suppose.

He does sometimes come out with some rubbish though – for example, the other day he claimed that he was faster than me – which is complete nonsense! We couldn’t agree so we had a few races. I was the clear winner – whatever he says! All the running around made me super-tired, though, so I’m just off to take a nap in the warm sunshine.

Catch ya next time PONY readers,

Duggie XOXO

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  1. Alice loves2 ride 77 says:

    Glad u are enjoying the sun, Dugster!

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