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Fit for fun

It’s time for Duggie to get fit Read Article

It’s Christmas!

Duggie's feeling festive Read Article

Mud, glorious mud

Duggie and Solloman have been causing trouble Read Article

Autumn is coming

Duggie’s favourite time of year Read Article

Summer time fun

Duggie’s been enjoying the sunshine Read Article

You see me rollin…

Duggie’s been on a top-secret mission to try and escape Kate’s summer plans… Read Article

Hot to trot

Duggie’s been feeling the heat Read Article

Duggie’s Badminton dreams

Duggie and Soloman have been feeling inspired Read Article

Duggie’s on the hunt

Duggie and Soloman have been getting into the Easter spirit Read Article

Spring’s in the air

Duggie's been enjoying the warmer weather Read Article

Duggie’s pancake panic

Duggie and Soloman have been worried about Kate's odd behaviour Read Article

Duggie looks for mischief

Duggie and Soloman get up to no good while the weather takes a turn for the worse... Read Article

Duggie’s autumn update

Find out the latest Duggie and Soloman antics with their autumn update! Read Article

Bath time for Duggie

Duggie and Soloman have been up to no good as usual... Read Article

Duggie’s strip grazing woes

I love summer, it’s great! However, there’s one thing that I haven’t been looking forward to… the dreaded strip-grazing! Read Article

Spring is nearly here!

And thank goodness for that. Solly and I are totally fed up of the wet and windy winter we've had – bring on the sunshine! Read Article

Duggie’s Valentine’s Day plan!

Finally January is over – the best news I’ve heard all year! I was looking forward to spring and hacking in better weather, but we had one more important event to go… Valentine’s Day! Being dateless for the last few years meant I had completely forgotten, but this year I was determined my luck would change.  Read Article

New year, new me!

Duggie thinks about his new year's resolutions this January! Read Article

Merry Christmas!

What mischief are Duggie and Soloman getting up to in the run-up to Christmas? Read Article

Fluff alert!

Duggie's feeling ready for winter with the arrival of his fluffy coat! Read Article

It’s a tough life, being a celeb!

I'm more paparazzi-ed than Justin Bieber these days! Read Article

Duggie gets his roll on

Don't even talk to me about this weather! What has happened to spring, summer, autumn, winter? The weather seems so topsy-turvy these days. Read Article

So that was Easter

It seemed to go in a flash! Like literally where has all that chocolate eating time gone? Madness. Read Article

The sun has got his hat on…

... hip hip hip hurray! The sun has got his hat on, and it's time to go out and play! Read Article

Ick! Spiders!!!

OMG! The place is literally crawling with them! Like I'm not even joking....there's thousands! Really. I'm serious. Read Article

Duggie caught in the wet!

It's ever so wet! Don't you think? Like it's the type of rain you think you'll never get dry from! Read Article

The one good thing about rain…

... is it's grass growing potential! It's so important! Rain = Good Grass. Good Grass = An extremely happy Duggie. Read Article

Hurry up summer!

HELP we are all drowning in mud here! I look as though I'm made of mud with how much is on me! Read Article

Soggy, soggy, soggy…

As the Spring issue is coming up, I hope the Spring weather will follow! I'm so fed up of all this rain, the carrot god needs to do something about this pronto! Read Article

Wahoo! The sunshine is in my field and my muddy coat can dry!

My coat has been so muddy and wet all winter, now it has a chance to dry and leave lovely clumps for Kate and Penny to groom out! With the weather brightening up, it'll make me feel a lot better as well, not having to have that big, thick coat on anymore. Read Article

Back to work..

I'm getting ready for the summer season with some playtime in the field! But it seems that Kate has other ideas....mainly involving long and tiring hacks. Ugh, extra work. Read Article

The SUN has come OUT!

HOORAH! Finally the sun has made an appearance and we can all relax! Everything looks better with a bit of sunshine, even me! But then again I look runway ready any day. Read Article

Summer hols – Hoorah, I think!

It's that time of the year again, the weather is fine and the holidays are upon us. What are we going to do now that school's finally out? Read Article

Sun, sun, sun!

Summer is here, and I’m beginning to get a bit fed up of it already! Trust me I have my reasons, sometimes there's only so much a pony can take guys! Read Article

Summer snoozing!

All this sun is making me sleepy! Which means less energy for rolling about during the day, but at least the grass is growing again... that yellow grass wasn't very nice. Read Article

The Annual is here, hoorah!

Have you heard the news? No? Well....PONY: The Annual 2015 is finally here! Check out Duggie's video all about it! Read Article

Glitter, makeovers and chilly weather!

I've been VERY busy this month, and recently the PONY team came up and gave me and Solomon a makeover – be prepared for very glittery ponies! I'm not sure whether it's my new look or a one off, but lets see what you think. Read Article

Duggie’s New Year blog!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about my New Year’s Resolutions this month, which has been a struggle, as I am basically the best pony ever, right? So since I've been thinking about mine...have you been thinking about yours? Read Article

Duggie takes a starring role!

Have you checked out Spring PONY Mag yet? Well, it’s one of the best issues for a long time, I can tell you that for a fact. Trust me on this. It's Beautiful! Fabulous! Stunning! No words can fully describe its awesomeness! Read Article

Woohoo, Spring is on its way!

That’s right, the days are getting longer, the fields are drying up and new grass is growing – it doesn't get better than this! Having fun in the sun is my new favourite thing. Well....second favourite thing if you count being fed my favourite treat first! Read Article

Sun and adventures!

The sun has certainly been out recently! We’ve even had our rugs off a few times – Solly and I have been loving it! If it wasn't for my beautiful coat then I'd be tanned up to the nines, but oh well...I'm still gorgeous! Read Article

Uh oh, the summer holidays are on their way…!

Great for YOU lot maybe, but that means I’ll end up being ridden more often, which means more hard work! Me being out in the field all day and eating grass is like you sitting at home on the sofa all day eating pizza! You wouldn't want it to end would you? Trust me, neither do I! Read Article

Post-summer blues? Not for Duggie!

Did you all have a good summer holiday? Bit hot if you ask me but you humans seemed to enjoy the overwhelming warmth well enough – Solly and I are much happier now it’s coming into autumn. Read Article

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Okay, okay, so it hasn't PROPERLY snowed yet, but we did have some flurries last weekend! And you know what that means! It's getting geared up for a SNOW DAY! Read Article

January blues…

Well, it’s been a dull and dismal New Year so far, but we are in high spirits as Kate said that this year we will be able to be featured in loads more PONY Mag vids, yippee! Make sure you look out for us ! Read Article

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