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Rocky’s Arrival by Sean Hanan

May's book is Rocky’s Arrival by Sean Hanan!

Rocky's Arrival by Sean Hanan

This is a lovely story about every pony-lovers dream – owning your very first pony! It’s set back in the 1990’s and the story is about Amy, who finally gets her dream pony – a 13.3hh bay gelding named Rocky! The pair have their sights set on competing at the National Champs as part of the junior equestrian team at their riding stables. But they have to overcome rivalries and sabotaging tactics from the other teams in order to get there! Will they make it, and take home a red rosette?

This gripping book is beautiful story that any pony enthusiast will enjoy. Plus, it’s got some lovely illustrations all the way through, which really helps immerse you into the world of Outon Riding Stables!

Book Club rating - 4 horseshoes

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