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Pony Club Rivals: The Prize, by Stacy Gregg

This month, we’ve been reading Pony Club Rivals: The Prize, by Stacy Gregg

Stacy Gregg, The Prize

If you’re looking for an exciting horsey read to keep you entertained, then grab a copy of Pony Club Rivals: The Prize! It features some brilliant characters, loads of riding action and a gripping storyline!

The heroine of the book is Georgie Parker, a talented young event rider from Gloucestershire who’s earned a place to study at prestigious Blainford Academy, an equestrian boarding school in the US. Georgie’s super-excited about the start of a new term, and the chance to get out onto the cross-country course with beautiful mare Belle. But then she discovers there’ll be a twist to her school days over the next few weeks – the pupils are going to be working as apprentices to some of the country’s top riders, and their new employer will decide whether they pass or fail! While this may sound like living the dream, Georgie pulls the short straw by being sent to work for showjumper Dominic Blackwell, who’s super-tough on his grooms and would easily win the title of world’s worst boss! If that wasn’t enough to cope with, Georgie’s stuck on the placement with her arch enemy, Kennedy Kirkwood, and she’s having a tricky time with her boyfriend, Riley.

There’s so much going on in this book, and you’ll want to keep turning the pages to find out what’s going to happen to Georgie next! Also, a great thing about The Prize is that it’s part of the exciting Pony Club Rivals series, which means once you’ve finished it, you can read the other books and enjoy all of Georgie’s awesome horsey adventures!

Book Club rating - 5 horseshoes

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Reader review:

I loved pony club rivals the prize which came in pony mag last month! I learnt loads of great tips for riding like the acronym RIBS (rhythm, impulsion, balance, speed) which helps for jumping and it was also really dramatic! I read it in a week! It was so gripping. It’s definitely a 5/5 star book. I think this book is for 10-14. Thank you so much Stacey Gregg this book was amazing. Eva  (13)


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