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Little Pearl by Helena Haraldsen

September's book is Little Pearl by Helena Haraldsen. 

Little Pearl by Helena Haraldsen

This month we’ve been reading Little Pearl by Helena Haraldsen. 

Amber’s absolutely thrilled when her parents buy her fave riding school pony, Pearl. The story follows the pair as they join the Pony Club, form close friendships and experience some rivalries. When Amber meets Joanne and her smart showjumper, Flash, Amber questions if Pearl really is right for her. Full of the ups and downs of riding, this is a great read!

Book Club rating - 4 horseshoes


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3 responses to “Little Pearl by Helena Haraldsen”

  1. Nice book though some of it made me cry when it was describing all the shows because I can’t do manny because I don’t have a pony I want Flash

  2. I LOVE this book!!! Mathew is hilarious 😂

  3. AMAZING book I think flash sounds like such a fun ride

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