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Amber’s Challenge by Helen Haraldsen

This month, we’ve been reading Amber’s Challenge by Helen Haraldsen

Amber’s Challenge by Helen Haraldsen. PONY book club

The latest instalment in Amber’s Pony Tales, this book follows Amber and the Blakefield Pony Club team competing in a tetrathlon event. But who will Amber ride? Struggling with her worries about the event and feeling like she’s not as good as the rest of her team, Amber has to decide whether to ride Molly and brave dismounting for the slip rails or taking Honey around the enormous cross-country course and risk time penalties. 

The book is relatable for every rider who’s struggled with self-doubt, but having a great support team will help you through anything. Join Amber and her pals to find out whether she can conquer her nerves and learn to trust Molly.

Book Club rating - 4 horseshoes

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4 responses to “Amber’s Challenge by Helen Haraldsen”

  1. Nice book
    all those girls have my dream life
    When I get my own pony I want to win the pc tetrathlon championships

  2. I love this book!! I learnt loads about tetrathlon in it

  3. Great as usawell. I haven’t got a confidance crisis at all (I think she should ride molly) but jojo was a live saver as only a few weeks after I read this book my “BFF” did exactly the same thing(luckily I had loads of way nicer freinds that are into ponies instead of singing) (worst sport ever) and didn’t expect me to talk against others but while I was sad and still now jojo saved my life that may sound melodramatic but it’s not luckily a few months after I had the same amazing fate as jojo in the tetrathlon this is such a real book the charictors feel alive ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🐴🐎🏊🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🎯

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