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Be a showjumping pro!

There are lots of types of fences you’ll meet in a showjumping class, but they can be split into three main categories – cross-poles, uprights and spreads.


Once you’ve broken showjumping fences down into these groups, it makes it much easier to think about how you should ride each fence on a course. It’s important not to let the appearance of spooky fences affect your riding either, so read on to find out how to tackle them. You’ll be flying round clear in no time at all!

Cross it off

A cross-pole is one of the most inviting types of fences you’ll nd. Great for warming up, the cross helps mark out the middle of the fence, letting you know where to aim for. You can jump a cross-pole from trot or canter, and they’re a great opportunity to work on your approach and make sure you’re riding accurately.

How to ride them…
As you approach a cross-pole, think about…

  • keeping a balanced rhythm
  • looking up and ahead
  • wrapping your legs around your pony’s sides and maintaining an even contact to keep him straight l pushing your heels down to help you stay secure in the saddle

Find out how to tackle uprights, spreads and spooky fences in September PONY mag – on sale now!

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