Taking part in a one-day event is three times the fun! Here’s all you need to know

Eventing is the ultimate test of your riding and your partnership with your fave pony, because it involves doing three disciplines in one day – dressage, showjumping and cross-country. It’s super-fun to try, so what are you waiting for?

Perfect planning

The first thing to do is find an event you want to compete at, then send in your entry. A few days before the competition you’ll be given start times for each discipline that makes up the competition. How long you’ll get between each one depends on the number of entries, but there’ll usually be a gap of around half an hour. This should be enough time for you and your pony to rest and relax, and prepare for the next stage of the competition.


This is where your competition day really begins! It’s your chance to show off your pony’s flatwork to the judge, and hopefully get the day off to the perfect start.

Did you know?

You can’t carry a whip in the dressage phase of British Eventing and some Pony Club events. If you’re not sure, ask the secretary.


Your challenge is to complete a course of 8-12 coloured fences without incurring any faults, plus you need to make it through the finish within the time allowed.

Did you know?

In affiliated eventing, if you score more than 24 faults in the showjumping you won’t be allowed to do the cross-country phase.


If you’re like most riders, cross-country is the phase you’ve been looking forward to – it’s your chance to get out into the open countryside with your fave pony and soar over some natural fences!

Top tip

You may be able to walk the cross-country course the day before the event, which can save time on your competition day.

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