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Spirit and Lucky

Spirit Riding Free is a brilliant series about Lucky and her horse Spirit. When Lucky moves from the city to the country with her father and aunt Cora, she’s worried about making friends. Then she befriends a wild Mustang with a soul as independent and courageous as her own, who she names Spirit.


Spirit and Lucky in sunset

Lucky makes more new friends when she and Spirit come to the rescue of two local girls, Abigail and Pru, and their horses Boomerang and Chica Linda. The trio of girls and their horses soon become inseparable and together they push their own limits and discover what it truly means to be free, as they explore a world filled with rides and never-ending fun. Don’t forget to tune into POP to follow their amazing adventures!

Lucky and her friends


Friends Forever

To celebrate Best Friends Day –and the super-strong friendship between Lucky, Pru and Abigail – three amazing singers have been brought together to record the song Friends Forever. There’s an awesome video to accompany it, too!

The three singers are super-talented and have all appeared on The Voice Kids! Alice Page is from the UK and was on the show in 2018, and she’s singing alongside Sterre Koning from the Netherlands and Satine Walle from France. The three girls are all united by their love of Spirit Riding Free and their passion for singing and adventure.

To watch the Friends Forever video, check out DreamWorks TV YouTube Channel youtu.be/Bd4FflWw09I

Friends Forever song

Why not test what you know about Spirit Riding Free by taking our fun quiz…

1. Which horse does Lucky befriend and ride?

a) Spirit

b) Boomerang

c) Chica Linda

2. Who are Lucky’s best friends?

a) Annie and Phillipa

b) Amy and Paula

c) Abigail and Pru

3. What is Lucky’s real name?

a) Clover

b) Fortuna

c) Lucy

4. Where is the series set?

a) Miradero

b) Manchester

c) Marlow

5. What kind of horse is Spirit?

a) Percheron

b) Friesian

c) Mustang

6. How does Lucky befriend Spirit?

a) A Carrot

b) An Apple

c) A Polo

7. Who does Lucky live with in Miradero?

a) Her Grandmother

b) Her Mother & Brother

c) Her Dad & Aunt Cora

8. Which horse is a Pinto?

a) Chica Linda

b) Boomerang

c) Spirit

9. How does Lucky ride Spirit?

a) Bareback

b) Side-saddle

c) With a saddle

10. Which channel will you be able to watch more episodes of Spirit Riding Free?

a) Snap

b) Crackle

c) Pop

How did you do?

Answers, 1: A, 2: C, 3: B, 4: A, 5: C, 6: B, 7: C, 8: B, 9: A, 10: C


Catch up with the adventures of Lucky and Spirit on POP logo

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free © 2018 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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