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Posted 31st July 2017

Find out all about how environmental enrichment can help your pony

Environmental enrichment sounds complicated, but all it means is making small changes to your pony’s home to keep him happy and stress-free. While we all want to keep our ponies as naturally as possible, this isn’t always possible. Weather, amount of grazing and health conditions such as laminitis and mud fever mean that ponies are often kept stabled for part of the day. But there are lots of different ways you can keep your pony busy and entertained while he’s stabled.

Making friends

One of the best ways to keep him relaxed is to make sure he always has other pony pals nearby. Ponies are herd animals, so they can feel insecure and vulnerable on their own. Making sure he can see at least one other pony from his stable will help him feel reassured and less worried.

If your pony still feels anxious, mirrors can be a great way to make him think he’s got a friend with him. Make sure to use mirrors designed for stables as these won’t shatter.

Snack time

Ponies looove to eat, fact! They’re grazing animals, which means they naturally spend much of their day chomping on forage.

There are a number of ways you can make your pony’s hay last longer to keep him busy and occupied, including…
♥ double-netting his haynet
♥ dividing his hay up into a few smaller nets and tying them to different walls of his stable
♥ hiding veg, such as carrots, parsnips and swede in his hay for him to search for


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