Boost your jumping confidence

Posted 28th July 2017

Feel nervous in your jumping lessons? Find out how to solve it and banish those worries

It’s totally normal to feel a bit nervous when you’re jumping, and lots of riders experience this. But it’s important not to let nerves affect your riding and enjoyment – check out all the things you can do to help boost your jumping confidence!

Build it up

If you’re worried about what could go wrong during a jumping lesson – what if I fall off? What if my pony stops? What if I get it wrong? – go back to basics and build up slowly.

Make sure you’re confident and in control on the flat, then start introducing poles. Trot and canter poles are a great way for you to get more confident, as well as helping you work out and get used to your pony’s rhythm.

Top tip

Set up a simple showjumping course made up of poles on the ground. Ride over the poles as if you were jumping, then start building them up into small fences once you’re confident.

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