Set it straight

Posted 29th August 2017

Ever knocked a pole down because you came at the fence a bit wonky? Check out how to perfect a straight approach

You can spend ages practising your jumping position and attempting bigger fences, but if you don’t spend time working on improving your line between them, you’ll find a course very tricky to clear.
Getting a straight approach sets you and your pony up for the perfect jump, so getting to grips with it is really important. Plus it’ll help you jump clear every time!


Getting the right line

Every time you tackle something new, it’s important to make sure you’ve got a solid foundation. A good way to do this when you’re jumping is to begin with poles on the ground rather than tackling a course of fences straightaway.
To help you practise getting the right line, set up a channel of poles about 1.5m apart and walk through them. As you turn towards them, think about…

  • leaving yourself plenty of space to turn
  • aiming for the centre of the channel

As you go through the poles, remember to…

  • look up and ahead
  • keep both your legs on evenly to help your pony stay straight


Read more about staying straight and our simple exercise to solve it in October PONY mag, on sale now!

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