Out in the open

Posted 29th August 2017

Do you ever worry about hacking in open spaces? Check out PONY's confidence-giving top tips

Better together

If you’re feeling a bit nervous, ask a more experienced friend on a sensible pony to go with you. Having someone to chat to will distract you from your nerves and help you feel more relaxed. Plus, having a friend with a bit more experience with you means they can take the lead if you or your pony aren’t feeling confident.


Get talking

Communication is key to a good hack. If you’re riding with a friend, make sure to talk to each other and check that you’re both happy before going up a gear. This way you’ll be more prepared and relaxed.

If you’re feeling unsure or want to stop, tell the person you’re riding with. Hacking is supposed to be fun, so don’t sit there worrying – tell your hacking buddy how you’re feeling and they won’t mind slowing down or talking through what’s worrying you.


Keep it steady

Remember, you don’t have to go flat-out the first time you go hacking. Start at a pace that you’re happy with and then up the speed when you feel more confident.

Riding regular changes of pace are important for your pony’s fitness because they’ll help him to strengthen different muscles. They’ll also help make your ride more interesting and keep him focused on you.


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Your Comments

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    I love hacking! Its currently my fave thing to do in a lesson

  • RebeccatheRider

    Cool i love to hack i just haven’t been doing it much:(

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    Same here!

  • RebeccatheRider

    it is so fun i love it

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    Yeah I wish I could do it every day

  • RebeccatheRider

    #Dream Life!!

  • Alice loves2 ride 77


  • RebeccatheRider

    i so wanna do it now

  • Crazy about horses

    I love to hack. I am lucky enough to have my own pony as I live on a farm but do not have an arena so I mostly hack to exercise my pony although am a bit scared of riding on the beach! Has anyone else got any tips on how to overcome the fear?

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