How-to jump a course of jumps

Posted 10th April 2018

A whole course of showjumps is more challenging than jumping a single fence. Here’s how to put it together

There’s lots to think about when you tackle a course of showjumps, especially if you’ve got the added pressure of being at a competition. But if you focus on riding well between the fences, taking a good line to each element and riding a straight getaway, you’ll be flying round clear in no time.

Canter on

In an ideal world, you’d keep the same canter throughout the whole course, but being able to adjust it is really useful in case you need to shorten his stride to fit in an extra one or lengthen it to make up some ground. You’ll need two different types of canter – a short-striding, bouncy canter and a more open, forward one.

Start by making sure your pony has a rhythmical, balanced canter by…

  • maintaining an even, steady contact to contain his energy and keep him straight
  • sitting up tall and pulling your shoulders back to keep your body strong and upright
  • pushing your heels down and wrapping your legs firmly round his sides to maintain impulsion

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