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Posted 10th April 2018

These simple daily checks are super-important and will help you spot if there are any problems

Your fave pony can’t talk, so it’s important to closely monitor him so you can quickly spot if something’s wrong. As you’re bringing him in from his field or out of his stable each day is the perfect time to check him over. Here’s what you need to look for…

On the approach

As you approach your pony in the field, think about what his behaviour is telling you. He should be bright, alert and behaving normally, so if one day he doesn’t whinny and trot over to the gate like he usually does, it could be a sign something’s wrong.

Follow the leader

As you lead your pony in, watch the way he walks and ask yourself…

  • is he moving easily?
  • does he look comfortable and happy?
  • is he doing anything unusual?

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