Jump spreads in style!

Posted 10th April 2017

Spread fences are wider than normal uprights and can seem more intimidating to jump. Read on to find out how to get it right every time

Spreads are fences made up of two pairs of wings set slightly apart. This creates a wider jump for your pony to stretch over, which requires careful riding for the approach, take-off and landing.

 Did you know?

An ascending spread is when the back pole’s slightly higher than the front, and a parallel is when both rails are at the same height. If you’re not used to jumping spreads, start with an ascending one as they’re more inviting.


Where to look?

Look at the middle point on the front rail as you approach a spread, but as you see your pony’s ears meet the fence, look up and ahead. This way, you’ll be looking where you’re going as your pony takes off, which will keep your head up. This keeps you in a secure position and prepares you to rebalance your pony on landing – always important, but crucial if you’re jumping a course.


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