Make the most of your riding lesson

Posted 15th January 2018

Whether you have a riding lesson once a month or every week, it’s vital to get the most out of every second you spend in the saddle. Follow these steps and your riding will come on in leaps and bounds before you know it!

RIding school pony

Don’t be a passenger

You’ve probably seen those riders who just let their pony do whatever he wants – that’s not riding! You only get out of your pony what you put in, so make an effort and it’ll soon be rewarded. Don’t hide away behind the other riders in your group – volunteer to take the lead and really think about your riding!


Listen out

If you’re in a group lesson, there’ll be times that your instructor’s not speaking to you directly because they’re helping someone else. This doesn’t mean it’s time to switch off, though. Even if what she’s saying doesn’t apply to you at that very moment, it’s all useful info that you can use another time.


Find your own space

It can be tempting to let your pony follow his friends because it’s harder work to get him to leave them. But challenging yourself is the only way you can improve, so even though it’s sometimes tricky, stick at it and persevere. Having your own space means you can do so much more because you’ll have your pony’s attention.


Ask away

If you didn’t quite hear or aren’t sure of something, it’s always best to ask! It’s not scary to ask or wrong to be confused – your instructor will be glad you’ve asked and more than happy to explain it again to help you understand. If you’re nervous about asking questions in front of others, wait until you’re riding closer to your instructor, then park up and ask. Remember, other riders might have the same question, so asking in front of everyone could help them, too.


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