Make your pony fly-proof

Posted 8th May 2018

Here’s how to protect your pony from flies and make them buzz off!

Summer’s warm and beautiful, and there’s more time in the day to spend with your fave pony. Unfortunately, flies seem to think the same thing! They don’t leave your fave pony alone in the field and like to annoy him constantly when you’re riding, too. Plus, some types even bite! Luckily, there are loads of things you can do to protect him and make him totally fly-proof! Here are some ideas…

Rug up

Unlike turnout rugs, fly rugs keep your pony covered so the flies can’t get in, but are really lightweight and breathable to keep him cool. Often they’re designed with waterproof sections to keep him dry or with zebra stripes to confuse the flies. Some also have necks, belly flaps and long tail flaps for extra protection.

Gel it

Some ponies don’t particularly like sprays, especially around their face and ears or between their legs, so it can be a good idea to use a cream or gel instead.

For more of PONY’s fly proofing ideas and to check out some of our fave fly-proofing products, get your copy of June PONY, out now!

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