Hit the Road

Posted 8th May 2018

Follow PONY’s top tips for keeping safe while riding on the road

Sometimes hacking on the road can’t be avoided. It allows you access better hacking, plus walking on the tarmac is good for strengthening your pony’s legs and it can be fun, too. When you’re riding on the roads, you could meet all sorts of hazards, from cars and lorries to cyclists and walkers, so it’s important to be in the know so you can stay safe.

Wardrobe essentials

Making sure you can be seen by other traffic is super-important if you’re hacking on the roads, so you should always wear high-vis clothing – even on bright, sunny days – as it means that traffic will see you sooner. There’s loads of options available, but a tabard and head band are a good place to start, and your pony should be kitted out in some high-vis, too.

Did you know?

There’s a difference between reflective and fluorescent clothing. Fluorescent is just bright colours, whereas reflective clothing reflects the light. It’s best to wear high-vis clothing that has a combination of both.

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