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Posted 28th April 2017

Does your fave pony cause trouble out on a hack? Follow our guide for stress-free hacking this summer


There’s nothing quite like a super-fun hack with your fave pony, especially with friends on a sunny summer’s day. Hacking should be relaxing and enjoyable, but it can quickly become nerve-racking if your pony’s playing up and not listening to your aids.

Move on out

Napping is when your pony refuses to move in the direction you’re asking him to go – this can happen if he has to leave his friends. He might plant his feet, go sideways, or spin around. It’s a common problem for ponies to be reluctant to leave the yard to go on a hack, but it doesn’t have to stop your hacking. Here’s what you can do to solve it.

1. Go back to basics

Is your pony responsive to your leg aids? When you apply leg pressure, he should react straight away and move forwards – if he doesn’t, work on it in the school before going hacking. You can use upward and downward transitions to help with this, because they keep him focused and more responsive to your aids.

2. Use your schooling

Try a brief schooling session, including lots of transitions, before you go out hacking. With your pony in a schooling frame of mind rather than thinking about his friends, he’s more likely to move away from them without a fuss.

3. Take a friend

While your pony might not want to leave the yard on his own, he’ll be more willing if he has a friend with him. Ask someone on an experienced pony to come with you so your pony can follow them out of the yard without a fuss.

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