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Posted 28th April 2017

Want to get your fave pony gleaming? Follow our coat care masterclass to find out how

coat care

Summer is finally in sight, which means you can wave goodbye to your pony’s super-fluffy winter coat and say hello to his sleek summer one. As well as looking great at shows and competitions, a shiny coat is a sign of good health. There are lots of things you can do to make your pony sparkle even more, and impress your yard mates at the same time, too!

Elbow grease

Daily grooming is the best way to get your pony’s coat healthy and shiny. As well as getting rid of dirt and dust, it stimulates the production of the natural oils that give his coat its shine. Grooming also encourages blood flow, keeping his skin healthy and in good condition. Once you’ve groomed off any mud, a body brush is the best way to work up a shine with firm, short strokes.

Top tip

Let any mud dry before you groom your pony. Brushing wet mud pushes it further into his coat and can stain, but dry mud is much easier to flick off.

Sweat alert

As well as making your pony super-itchy, dried sweat can make his coat scurfy and brittle. Get rid of it by sponging off sweaty patches after you’ve ridden or grooming it off when dry. If it’s a warm day, you can hose him or use a no-rinse wash to give him a good cool-down and leave his coat sweat-free.

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