Fitness foundations

Posted 13th December 2017

Want to get your pony in peak condition? Here’s how to get started...

Whether you compete your pony or just have fun together, it’s really important that he’s fit enough for his job. Being fit will not only help him clinch some red rosettes, but it will go a long way to keeping him sound, too.

There’s so much you can do to improve your pony’s fitness and having variety is really important. The foundations, however, are often best put in place while you’re hacking because you’ll have lots of space to work with and things to keep you interested. Getting fit can be split up into four phases to help you achieve it safely for your pony.

Phase 1: Long and slow

Phase 2: Short and speedy

Phase 3: Faster for longer

Phase 4: Mix it up and make it specific

When your pony gets fitter, his…

  • cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) becomes more efficient
  • muscles build up and are more effective
  • bones, tendons and ligaments get stronger
  • recovery after exercise becomes much quicker


Find out what to do for each of the phases and how to build your pony’s fitness safely in February PONY magazine, on sale now!

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