Plan the ultimate horsey sleepover!

Posted 12th October 2017

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Snack time

A sleepover’s not a sleepover without plenty of tasty snacks! You could make…

  • horseshoe pizza
  • pony sandwiches
  • cornflake horse poo cakes
  • pony cookies


Make! Chocolate cornflake horse poo cakes

You’ll need…

  • 100g cornflakes (or rice crispies)
  • 50g butter
  • 4 tablespoons golden syrup
  • 125g chocolate (milk or dark)
  • cupcake cases

1. Break the chocolate into pieces then melt slowly in a microwave on a low heat, checking it regularly
2. Add the butter and golden syrup to the mixture, then melt and mix well
3. Stir the cornflakes into the mixture
4. Evenly spoon the mixture into cupcake cases
5. Leave in the fridge to set
6. Take the cakes out of the cases and pile up to look like poo!


Game on

Challenge your mates with these top horsey sleepover games…
Apple bobbing – place four apples in a bucket and time how long it takes each of you to get them all out, using only your mouth. The winner gets bragging rights!

Horsey guess-who – each of you writes down, in secret, the name of a famous horse or rider on a sticky note. Everyone passes their sticky note to a different person and, without looking, sticks it on their forehead. Everyone can see the name on your head except you. Go round in a circle asking ‘yes/no’ questions about the character on your sticky note to work out who you are!

Test your knowledge – work in teams or individually on this one. Get together some old copies of PONY mag and test each other on the quizzes inside – you can get started with the jumping quiz on p10 of this issue. Remember to each make a score sheet – no cheating here!


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