Pony spa day!

Posted 26th June 2017

Get your fave pony looking his best with a good pamper sesh!

spa day

Whether you’ve got a competition coming up or just want your fave pony to look totally glam, a spa day will not only get him super-clean and smart, but also build your bond – result!

Squeaky clean

A bath is the best way to get your pony looking spotless! If you don’t have time for a full-body wash or it’s a bit chilly, focus on his legs and tail – these are likely to be his dirtiest areas.

Squirt some shampoo into a bucket and then ll it with warm water. Use a sponge in circular motions to remove any dirt and grime.

Wash his tail by picking up your bucket and dunking it inside. Use a sponge to clean his dock area, then thoroughly rinse all the shampoo from his coat and tail with a hose.

Top tip

If your pony doesn’t like hosepipes, use a clean sponge and bucket of water to rinse the shampoo off. Regularly wring your sponge out and refresh the water to make sure you’re not rubbing shampoo back into his coat and skin.

Top tip

Use a stain- removing shampoo for particularly mucky areas – ideal if you own a grey!

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