PONY’s guide to impressing your yard owner

Posted 13th March 2018

Everything you need to know about how to wow them and stay in their good books

Keeping your yard owner sweet should be one of your top priorities – a happy yard owner will make your life sooo much easier. All they really want is a clean and tidy yard, with happy liveries and happy ponies. The good news is, it’s not all boring and, if you rope your friends in to help, it’s not hard work, either! Follow PONY’s steps and your yard owner will be super-impressed.

Put things away

  • Your yard owner wants… a tidy yard
  • How to achieve it…

This one’s simple, but easy to forget to do – if you get something out, whether it’s a rug, wheelbarrow or your tack, make sure you put it away when you’re finished. As a yard owner, there’s nothing worse than showing a potential new livery around when there’s stuff everywhere. And as a livery, it’s super-annoying if you can’t ever find anything that’s shared because no one’s put it back!

For more easy ways to impress your yard owner, make sure you pick up a copy of the April issue of PONY, on sale 14 March.

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