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Quick tips to conquer cross-country

Want to be the next Pippa Funnell? Learn to tackle the different types of fences you might see cross-country like a pro with our fab quick tips.

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  • myhandsomegelding

    i do 85cm to 1m cross country and my pony gets carried away and bombs(at a gallop) off and wont stop.
    anyone got any breaking tips? 🙂

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    hi saw the comment bout ur pony try when he speeds up turn away until he finally doesn’t do it as he realises he will only be turned away which is boring so any time he speeds without ur say so turn into a 20 diameter (ish) circle (a big circle) hope this helps …

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    cool and … helpful!

  • my_little_bay

    awesome and helpful for the future!

  • my_little_bay

    try jumping in the arena where he hasn’t got as far to go!

  • Alice loves2 ride 77


  • lilymollymagicxxx

    but ill try it in person to prove its genuine!!!

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    Awesome! Sure you will do amazing..

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    well i’d hope so!!

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    I am sure you will-

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