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Saddle cleaning quiz

Is your saddle sparkling-clean? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!


What should you use to wipe clean your saddle?

Hot water

Cold water

Luke-warm water

Where should you spray any leather dressings?

To your sponge

Directly to the saddle

To your pony

How should you apply saddle soap?

With a wet sponge

With a dry sponge

With your hands

Where should you pay particular attention to when wiping your saddle clean?

The seat of the saddle

The stirrup irons

Where sweat and horse hair gather

What do you need to remember to check carefully when cleaning your saddle?

Stitching on stirrup leathers and the girth

The buckle guards

The cantle

How should you fasten your girth?

Just to the front strap – you don’t need the other buckle

To both the back straps

To the front, independent strap and one of the back straps

What are safety stirrups sometimes called?

Donkey-neck stirrups

Swan-neck stirrups

Monkey-neck stirrups

Where should you store your tack?

In a dry place

In a damp place

In a hot place

How should you clean stirrup irons?

You don’t need to clean them

With a bucket of warm water

With saddle soap

How should you store your saddle?

Outside in the rain

On your horse

On a saddle horse and covered with your saddle cloth to keep off dust

How well did you do?

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